10 Countries that Have the Most Legal and Illegal Immigrants

In the last couple of years, the question regarding immigrants became more crucial than ever and, while some countries have strict laws against immigrants, there are also the ones that welcome every nation to live there and these are 10 countries that have the most legal and illegal immigrants.

During the first half of the 21st century, immigrations were completely legal and a person could move from one place to another any time he/she wanted. But, as the time passed by, laws regarding immigrations became more strict and today, the majority of countries have the hard access to the 3-months visa and, believe me, you don’t even want to go there.

Pixabay/Public Domain

For me, this looks like the ethical cleaning of each country. While we spread the word about being human and have the greatest hospitalities towards foreigners, there are the countries that are very hard to be entered in even as a tourist and not to mention moving there. The whole point of migrations is to find the better life and live in more suitable conditions. But, even the countries with the high living standards lately avoid allowing people to get into it.

For example, before Donald Trump took the lead over the US, this was the dreamland for everyone. We all believed that, behind those borders, there was the better life waiting for us and many people run there to experience it as soon as possible. But, as soon as Trump took the throne, this all changed and even the people that have been living there for decades are in constant fear of being vanished from the US, especially Mexicans.

According to the data collected from the several online sources, Europe is the land where the majority of immigrants find their place. By the latest count down, there were 76 million of immigrants in the Europe only. But Asia is not that far behind with 75 million, while Northern America counts around 54 immigrants.

But I don’t think that being able to move from one country to another is the only issue people are facing here. For me, the bigger problem is why they feel the need to leave their homes and run as far as they can. Why is it so bad in the country they grew up in and why don’t those governments feel the need to improve the living standard so that their people could have the better life.

Due to the lack of ability to enjoy the life in our homelands and the lack of ability to escape from there as well, I believe that we are completely messed up at this point. Hopefully, things would change, if not for us, at least for our kids. But there are still countries that understand people’s need to get away from their own lives and they are welcomed to enter there whenever they want. These are those 10 countries that have the most legal and illegal immigrants!

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