10 Countries That Send Most Immigrants To Australia

Let’s talk about 10 countries that send most immigrants to Australia. There are a few different types of Australian immigration which are classified under various categories of visa. People who want to live in Australia can apply for Australian employment visa which is the most granted to those who have a high level of education and skilled workers.

Modern immigration to Australia began in 1788 when the first British royal colony was established – New South Wales. Today, 50% of the increase in the Australian population is the result of immigration, which is why Australia is called the country of migrants. We are proud to have successfully settled in Australia over the last ten years with our help to thousands of people. Our services cover everything related to Australian visas, such as, for example, immigration visas based on qualifications, business visas, student visas, as well as sponsored, family and humanitarian visas. When people think of Australia, the first thing that comes to mind is green pastures, kangaroos, koala, as well as clean air and water. Australia is ahead of the United States and Norway, which have been shown as the most desirable destinations for a long time, and such a high desire to go to Australia has brought them a meager unemployment rate of only 4%. Many immigrants who have a work permit in Australia or have already acquired citizenship believe that Australia is a happy country in which the well-being lives, the environment is clean, there is no pollution, war, laws are respected and government is in line – which can not be said for many countries from which emigrants arrived. However, Australia has much to offer, such as world-renowned universities, a light lifestyle, and sunshine for an entire year. No wonder students from around the world went to study in Australia. Australia has a living standard among the largest in the world. However, the costs of living and studies are significantly lower in Australia than in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Did you know that with more than 130,000 Germans immigrating to Australia, Germany found its place on the list of 10 countries that send most immigrants to Australia? Another country is Malaysia. The main reason why Malaysians are migrating to Australia is because of the better education and living conditions, this country offers.

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