10 Countries That Send the Most Immigrants to Canada

Can you name ten countries that send the most immigrants to Canada? A total of 271.660 people immigrated to Canada in 2015, a steady increase from the previous year, and the nation does not intend to stop here.

Canada is now more than ever a country of immigrants since as many as a fifths of its citizens were born overseas. One of the countries that send the most immigrants to Canada is Nigeria. More and more Nigerians continue to follow their fellow countrymen into Canada in search for improved employment opportunities that they cannot seem to find in Africa. Do you know what is the number of immigrants who landed in Canada in 2015? Did you know that the United Kingdom is also one of the countries that send immigrants to Canada? The United Kingdom is one of the only countries on our list, the total immigrants of which have decreased from 2001 to 2011. France sends a total of four to five thousand immigrants to Canada every year. As a social phenomenon, migration has been present since ancient times. It occurs in all societies and is inextricably linked with the history of the human species. Throughout history, migrations have occurred voluntarily or forcibly, within or across borders of one country, in small or large groups. Reasons for relocation may vary – religious, class, national, tribal, economic. Significant geographical discoveries between the 15th and 17th centuries revealed Europeans new worlds, filled with natural resources and fertile land. Realized trade links contributed to the rapid development of colonies and the enrichment of the queen. Europeans, encouraged by stories of wealth, transcend the ocean and translate language, religion, and culture, and shape the lives of colonies by the example of the country of origin. Inspired by economic reasons, this voluntary migration has also triggered a forced – trafficking African slave trade. Physically strong, accustomed to the tropical climate and more resistant to the illnesses that occur besides it, Africans were cheap labor needed on the plantations of the Spanish, French and English crowns. Negative factors relate to the place they leave and represent the reasons for leaving the location of origin. They include inadequate health care, fear of torture and pressure, inability to confess religion or political beliefs, lack of jobs, poor living conditions, lack of opportunities for education and training, natural disasters.

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