10 Countries Where Most of the Illegal Immigrants Came From

We are all complaining about the government and the country that we live in in general, but which country has the worst conditions? Take a look at the list of 10 countries where most of the illegal immigrants came from to find out.

A few years ago, there was a global issue caused by Syrian population. Around 11.5 million people ran away from Syria in order to avoid the civil war but had nowhere to go. Since the majority of countries tried to avoid letting them behind the borders in order to avoid the conflict between nations, many people were left to live directly on borders, with having nothing to eat or wear, not seeing bath for who knows how long, increasing the death rate because of the bad conditions, and hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case by the majority of them.


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Living in a foreign country isn’t easy, even when you go legally. First of all, you need to find a place to live with usually zero initial capital. After that comes finding a job, that is usually even harder because who would hire an immigrant if you can hire one of many employees that live in the same country their whole life?

The biggest issue of all that all immigrants run into is getting into the country. First of all, not everyone is willing to provide the working visa nor is every government willing to give an entrance to the newcomers. Especially after all those ISIS attacks in the last couple of years.

But why do so many people try to run away from their homelands? Is it because of low salaries? The high cost of living? High taxes? Bad leadership? Dictatorship?
Insider Monkey did a deep research on this topic and one of the sources that they used in order to find the best answers to this question is the Migration Policy Institut. On the website is the clear data about all illegal movement provided, with having Central America and South America as the leaders of this illegal immigration. Are you surprised as I am? As it turned out, I was one of the few people from my surrounding that was.
But illegal immigration isn’t such a small issue, even though the majority of people claim that there is no reason to get them out of the country since they are not bothering anyone. But let’s take a closer look at this issue. Here are 10 countries where most of the illegal immigrants came from.

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