10 Countries With Highest Military Spending In The World

There are still countries with highest military spending in the world, however the world is edging towards peace. You may have heard that war scholars have claimed that our current era is ‘long peace’, which seems to be an exaggeration considering the thousands of deaths and destruction we can see across the globe. But of course if we compare the number of death to the wars eaerlier we can agree that in those times human lives had no value. Insider Monkey have made an arresting research on this topic and now we would like to share a selection with you.

On the other hand countries in our modern world are aware of their vulnerability against modern threats, so they began to increase the spending on military. You will see that most of the countries on this list are not at war presently, but yet they spend a significant part of their GDP on defense systems in order to to combat any threats which may arise. Therefore military spending all over the world has increased by 2.6% last year, which is such a huge amount that we can talk in trillions of dollars.

If you follow the political situation of the world, and compare it to the military spendings of certain countries on this list, you will surely not be surprised at the result. The United States always being on the top is an arguable fact, but the other countries always act on the stage of the politics as well.

But without a further ado, let’s check out what Insider Monkey have investigated for us about the 15 countries with highest military spending in the world.


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15. Iran

Iran is the first country on our list and its military spending is  $13,194,151,137 despite it’s a small nation.


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14. Turkey

Military spending of Tureky is  $18,967,113,031, and it seems to increase continually.

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13. Singapore

Military spending of this country is  $10,841,000,269. Although Singapore is a small country, it spends much on military, and the reason is right its vulnerable small size.


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12. Colombia

Military spending in Colombia is $ 10,602,860,967. This country is well-known for the guerrilla groups that still exist in the present of Colombia, which is one of the main reasons for its military spending.


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11. France

Military spending in France is  $ 63,799,676,593, lately it has incerased by $2 billion.

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10. Oman

Military spending of this country is  $ 6,710,013,004, which amount is more than 8% of its GDP annually.

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9. Kuwait

Military spending: $7,296,266,526. This country spend a high percentage of its GDP on military to become bigger international player.

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8. Pakistan

Pakistan’s military spending: $11,375,525,626, and the military holds an almost mythical status, being revered by the public.

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7. South Korea

This small country is the seventh on our list now, as it spends  $43,069,973,343 on military, as North Korea is its arch-rival.


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6. Algeria

Military spending is $ 9,583,724,288, this number is over 5.27% of its GDP.

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5. India

Indina spends a lot on military year by year: $ 66,510,289,108.


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4. Israel

Military spending of Israel is $ 15,946,788,601, which is not surprising as this country is surrounded by Arab countries. On the other hand we mustn’t forget Palestine either.

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3. Russia

This country’s military spending is  $ 61,387,546,980, which is not surprising as Russia want to regain its power.


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2. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia spends  $67,554,666,667 on military, which is more than 8.7% of its GDP.

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1. United States of America

I think everybody would’ve bet that the US will be on the top of the 15 countries with  highest military spending in the world. The US spends much more on military than the other countries as the most powerful nation in the world.

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