10 Countries With Most Unfaithful Wives

Have you ever thought there exists a list of 10  countries with most unfaithful wives? Yes, it does! And what’s  more, you are just reading it. Insider Monkey have made this research for you, so if you want to have an affair in your destination country, check out this list! Nevertheless, I really must assert, that I absolutely disapprove of adultery. Therefore you shouldn’t take this article as a persuasion to do do this. It was written just for fun, nothing else.

At first I think everyone agrees that committing adultery is much easier in this online world. But, on the other hand it’s easy to be revealed as well. A forgotten message on your mobile, a suspicious new friend on Facebook – and you are unveiled. Telling you the truth I dislike those online date sites that encourage people to commit adultery with offering secret dates between married people.

We must remonstrate the fact that it’s not only women who are unfaithful, but men too. There is an arresting and amusing statistic in connection with men’s unfaithfulness on Insider Monkey’s list, so it’s worth checking it out. Making a list like this is not an easy task, since generally the countries don’t boast with statistics about this topic. Or many country don’t make official ones. The result of Insider Monkey’s research may surprise you, or may not. As for me, I have found some countries on the list about which I wouldn’t have thought adultery is accepted there. I was a little astonished that the Scandinavian countries are on the list, as I didn’t know the promiscuity is definitely not a big something for them. Then, there were countries on the list, such as Thailand that absolutely didn’t surprise me. Unfortunately this beautiful but poverty-stricken country is home to prostitution, and promiscuity.

As this article is just a little taste of Insider Monkey’s you can read the whole methodology how they ranked these countries, what surveys were found, what statistics were checked for the list of the countries with most unfaithful wives. Now without a further ado, come with us to the world of unfaithful wives!



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10. Norway

Let’s start this list with a wonderful Scandinavian country, Norway. Did you know that it is regarded to be one of the most opened countries in the world?

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9. Denmark

You will see that there are three Scandinavian countries on this list, which is a little bit shameful, but surprising for me. Denmark is the second one.

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8. Russia

Adultery in Russia is not a big something, quite to the contrary, it’s really accepted. Therefore it deserved a good place here, on this list.

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7. Sweden

Sweden was also a big surprise for me on this list. I didn’t know the promiscuity is so accepted in this country.

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6. Ireland

Although the Irish do like adultery, they simply don’t speak about it. Nowadays adultery in this country is continually growing.

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5. Nigeria

You may not have heard so far, but Nigeria is the most most adulterous country in the world, but this time it got only the 5th – shameful – place.

4. France

French women think it’s absolutely impossible to remain faithful for only one person throughout your whole life – so is it surprising that they are on this list? French women are very sensual and they don’t take a little love affair too seriously. That’s why France has got the 4th place on this list of the 10 countries with most unfaithful wives.

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3. Italy

The Italian woman, the “donna” is well-known from her beauty, seduction and passion. Insider Monkey have investigated that almost half of the Italian women have already had some kind of love affairs.

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2. United Kingdom

Believe it or not, but British live in promiscuity, many of them cheat on their spouses, that’s why this country got the second place on this list now. Adultery in UK has been more widespread nowadays as the use of online dates sites have become popular.

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1. Thailand

Will you be surprised if Thailand turns out to be on the first place of the 10 countries with the most unfaithful wives? According to Insider Monkey’s research, men in this country encourage women to cheat on their husbands, which is a shame. What do you think of faithlessness? What would you do if your spouse cheat on you?

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