10 Countries With The Most Alcohol Related Deaths in the World

How many times have you heard in the news that someone lost their life under the influence of alcohol? In each country, there is at least one case per a day, but there are 10 countries with the most alcohol related deaths in the world that stand out from the crowd in this matter.

Consuming alcohol can be healthy as long as the glasses are dosed properly. It is scientifically proven that one glass of wine helps your blood system and heart work better, while one glass of beer prevents potential problems with kidneys. However, the enormous and frequent high amounts of alcohol can and will damage your liver and even nervous system, including the brain itself.

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Although the liver is the only organ in our system that can regenerate, sometimes the damage is too big and the person might require a transplant. This also isn’t some hard surgery and the donor isn’t very hard to be found because, during the surgery, only one small part of the donor’s liver is taken and transplanted and it grows back in the patient’s organism. Still, the damage that alcohol can cause to the other organs isn’t that easy to fix. Actually, in most cases, it is completely impossible.

But besides the damaged organism, there are certain things people by themselves do under the influence of alcohol that lead them directly to death. The most frequent cause is the speed driving that almost never ends up in favor of anyone. First of all, you lose control over your vehicle and this is actually enough to happen so you can be sure that this was your last day on Earth. Besides risking your own life, you are risking the lives of every other resident of the planet you pass on your way as well as the passengers in your vehicle. And not to mention what your family will go through.

This is why the governments in each country in the world released laws regarding drunk drivers and appointed high chargers for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. To be fair, driving after having one beer shouldn’t be that big of an issue, because, for example, how can you go on a BBQ without having at least one beer? Or imagine going to a romantic dinner and not ordering a glass of wine? But, let’s be real, some people have troubles controlling the vehicle even without drinking and not to even mention having one bottle of wine. And we can all say that people need to be more careful and pay more attention, but how to explain that to a young person who just got his/her license and want to attend every party in the city to show off? Speaking of it, the majority of people that lose their lives over the alcohol are people younger than 30, which especially shame, because most of them just started living their lives.

So let’s take a look at 10 countries with the most alcohol related deaths in the world and try to find the solution to this global issue with conjoined straight.

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