10 Countries with The Most Alcohol Related Deaths in The World

Keep reading about the countries with the most alcohol related deaths in the world.  Drinking some alcohol when we are at a party is a good thing. But consuming too much from it can cause serious health problems. Now Insider Monkey has published an article about this issue where we can see the countries with the most deaths caused by alcohol.

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First, we need to make clear how much alcohol is harmful. Some doctors and addictologists usually consider too much or dangerous if someone drinks every day – even if it is just one glass of wine. Others say that we can drink 1-1.5 dl of wine daily, alcohol problems may arise when this habit becomes a necessary one – if we are not able to skip it out even for one day.Worldwide alcohol consumption per capita was 6.13 liters of pure alcohol in 2005 for every person from the age of 15! It’s frightening, isn’t it? The most commonly consumed alcoholic beverage is beer – globally 36% of the total consumption is in the form of beer in the world, and we can find the highest rates in the Region of the Americas (at 54.7% of the total consumption per capita).

We have picked three countries from Insider Monkey’s list, come on with us now and pet’s check these countries together.

slovenia is the first country we mention now. It’s a beautiful country in Europe and they make really delicious wine, but we must not forget about the limit! “In vino veritas” the Latin proverb says and although it’s true – consuming too much of this valuable and healty beverage can be very harmful for our health. The next country is Finland. The death rate is 7.55 here. Finnish make and consume one of the finest vodkas in the world, which can be a great experience when having a party, but it can cause serious diseases in the brain – so be careful! And at last but not least we mention Latvia in the Baltic Region of Eastern Europe. With its rate of 9.41, Latvia is the eighth on their list. Latvians consume vodka, local beers and an alcoholic beverage called Black Balsam, which is a herbal drink. All of them are fine – if we  don’t consume too much. Don’t forget to stop drinking when when you feel to have drunk enough, and ask for help if you can’t resist drinking!

For any further interesting information read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 countries with the most alcohol related deaths in the world

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