10 Countries with the Smallest Carbon Footprint per Capita in the World

So what are the countries with the smallest carbon footprint per capita in the world? Insider Monkey has recently published an interesting article about it. Global warming is an urgent and burning question of our days, and we all have to take care of our beautiful Earth.

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Global warming is a natural stage that the Earth goes through, but in the past century the speed with which this change has happened has been so accelerated that the only conclusion that can be drawn is that humans are influencing it. More specifically, CO2 and other gases collect in the atmosphere, creating a greenhouse effect. This means that the light rays can’t escape our atmosphere as efficient as before and, thus, the Earth’s temperatures rise. Global warming is accelerating and influencing climate change across the world, with storms becoming scarier than ever and ice caps melting at an alarming rate, so we wanted to find the countries that are least responsible for some of the issues.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three countries with the smallest carbon footprint per capita in the world  from their list.

The first country on our list is Central African Republic. The Central African Republic is up next on our list with emissions reaching 0.11 metric tonnes per capita. Here, the numbers have been pretty much constant over the years, with 2010 seeing the same exact value. The second country we should check is Malawi. In fact, in 2015 Malawi reported values of only 0.10 metric tons of CO2 per capita, the same it had in 2010. The third country is Chad with 0.10 metric tons of CO2 per capita in 2015. Unlike the other nations, we’re seeing a slight increase in emissions here, as in 2010 the CO2 levels were measured at 0.09 metric tons per capita. At last, but not least, let’s see Ethiopia. We’re seeing that the African continent is the greenest of all, although that’s probably in part due to the lower industrialization found here and vast lands. In Ethiopia, for instance, 2015 saw a level of CO2 emissions of 0.10 metric tons per capita. The climb here was larger than in other nations before it, as in 2010 the levels were of only 0.07 metric tons of CO2 per capita.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 countries with the smallest carbon footprint per capita in the world.

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