10 Creepy Deep Web Experiences

Are you interested in creepy deep web experiences? If so, you are at the best place! It is a very interesting topic and now Insider Monkey has published an article about it. At the very beginning, let’s make something clear. Many people don’t know what Deep Web actually is and before we continue talking about it let’s put it in simple words. The Deep Web is referring to every web page that cannot be found by commonly used search engines. The Deep Web is including all webmail pages, dynamic content, user databases, pages behind paywalls, registration-required web forums and Dark Web. There is a staging version that serves to check the stories before people set them live on the website. This means that for every page that is publicly available on the internet there is another on the Deep Web. Today, many of us are using online bank accounts, but not everyone of us knows that the password-protected bits are on the Deep Web.

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People have been using Deep Web for many illegal things. Here, you can buy drugs, weapons, you can hire a hitman to kill someone, watch child pornography, killing animals, human experiments, live tortures and countless other horrifying activities. as for me I don’t want to dig deeper, this article was totally enough for me in this field.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked two items from their list. The first one is The $255,000 Job Opportunity.  While a guy was casually browsing the Deep Web, he came across a job position with a few requirements. You need to have an RN Credentials and combat experience, you need to be 6 months on a ship abroad without any kind of communication with the rest of the world. With requirements like that, who knows what the employer had in mind and what kind of things you need to do. Also, since this was a long time ago, a quarter of a million had value like a million today which makes it even more suspicious. The other story is about a man who came very close to spend many sleepless nights because he was browsing on the Deep Web. He said it was his third time browsing the Deep Web when he saw a link which said: “For journalists and people new to the Deep Web”. Since it was titled like that, he thought there is helpful information. However, when the page opened, one picture started loading and this is the only time when you wish for a slow internet connection. Since he had a slow internet he just saw an old Asian man with blood on his chains. He closed the tab before the image loaded and today he is still wondering what was on the image, but on the other side, he is kinda glad he didn’t see it.

For any further interesting information read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 creepy deep web experiences

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