10 Cute Tinder Bio Examples (Female)

Need some good tips how to write cute Tinder bio examples (female)? Great, as we are here to help you!

What do you need to have a date asap? Well, at first a good photo, or two. Six photos are said to be the ideal numbers when it comes up to a dating app/site. So choose six great ones, then delete the others – if you have more uploaded on your profile. The next step is to write something cute, but intelligent, and witty as a bio. The third step will be to choose your best dress and go to the date with a nice guy.

Dating apps appear to use very easy: you see someone kind, read the bio, and swipe right. But if you want to make somebody swipe right when seeing you, you will need a great bio. Here you can find several great ideas what and how to write. First of all you should be and remain optimistic. If you don’t believe in your success, nobody will. You need to know about yourself, that you are the right person, you look great, and there will be many guys who are long for meeting you.

Now let’s turn back to the main topic: the bio. It should be positive, try not to speak about your exes, your disappointments – as nobody is interested in them. Also your problems are irrelevant. You need to sound easygoing, cute, witty – a girl who doesn’t let the problems to overcome her. So, are you read to start an exciting adventure? If so, come with us.

Now, without further ado, let’s check out the list of the 10 cute Tinder bio examples (female). Actually this is a random list, since all of them are excellent!

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10. About me/About you bio

About Me: I like to sing-talk, guys with messy hair, reading the New Yorker on Sunday mornings, and funny voices.
About You: If you’re still reading, that’s pretty good. Let’s do this.

Attractive bio, you wont’ regret if you use it.

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9. Background and goals bio

Grew up in the Portland, Oregon area. Survived middle school by becoming a skater kid (still haven’t grown out of it). Now I’m trying to pay my rent, play my music, and make my way.

Looking forward to going to Brazil in the fall. If you have any tips on what I should see, definitely let me know.

You give some background information, but you suggest you are an adventurous type. Bingo!


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8. Quotes bio

“The girl doesn’t stop.” – My best friend Erin
“Excellent incisors. And she flosses.” – Dr. Dan, my dentist
“She’s not as crazy as she looks.” – My ex boyfriend Jake
“Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!” – Betty Davis from All About Eve
(OK, so Betty didn’t say it about me, but it fits somehow.)

I think this bio is the best. Really. It made me laugh.


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7. A green bio

I never stop improving myself and appreciate this quality in people!)

I think that the environment plays the most important role in one’s life because it, in particular, influences the way we think, and, in general, determines our worldviews. That’s why I prefer to communicate with people who can keep an interesting conversation flowing.

I have my own goals and I strive to achieve them)) It’s important for me to find a man whom I will be inspiring to reach more together, to enjoy life, and build a close-knit family!

Straight and honest bio – great!


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6. Succinct and cool

I’m a GMU student majoring in communications. I like sports and going to the beach with my friends.

It’s really very simple, but cool.

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5. Witty and cute bio

General goofball. Embarrassingly affectionate, lol. Ambitious.

Survival kit:

– Family, great friends

– Passport

– Chocolate

– Intelligent conversation

– A clean place.

I have 3 superpowers: 1. Winning Cards Against Humanity 2. Replicating nearly anything I taste without the recipe 3. Well, if I told you…

It’s really great, funny and witty, yet kind.

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4. Looking for love

I’m looking for a sweet loving boy who likes flowers.

This bio may seem too romantic, but if you search a romantic guys – this is the perfect one for you!

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3. Cute and witty bio #2

I love guacamole, the original Star Wars movies, laughing with someone in the corner of a crowded room, when the sun shines through my blinds in the morning (just not before 9:00 please), and new people who tell horrible jokes.

Oh, and I hate squirrels. Don’t let those little punks trick you. They’re just fluffier rats.

It’s funny, but I feel pity for poor squirrels. Nevertheless this kind of bio will surely work.

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2. Likes and dislikes bio

I like art and pizza and animals and wine. If you don’t like those things, it’s OK as long as you have good jokes.

Likes and dislikes bios are always great, especially they are witty.

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1. Optimistic, fun, and detailed

Hi there! I’m a part-time surfer and lifesaver who loves spending her weekends at the beach or enjoying food and wine with mates on our apartment balcony.

I enjoy travel, avo on toast, pizza, Netflix and dogs like any good millennial but won’t turn my nose up to a movie marathon of Harry Potter or Mean Girls.

If you’re happy to listen to Drake and are a fellow coffee addict, right-swipe away!

Here’s the last one on the list of 10 cute Tinder bio examples (female)It really contains every important information, and those things that men generelly like: pretty girls, pizza, great drinks. Your success is granted if you try it.


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