10 Dating Tips for Introvert Guys

I completely understand the struggle you guys have when it comes to finding a date, which is why I decided to share with you an article regarding 10 dating tips for introvert guys to follow in order to find your soul mate.

To be honest, finding a soul mate isn’t the easy task for anyone. We all struggle between choosing the criteria and being someone’s dream person.


Pixabay/Public Domain

First of all, none of us is completely sure how to approach someone. Sure, one night stands are the easiest to find. If you don’t really care about someone and you just look at them as one more person to sleep with, you don’t exactly care about being rejected. Who cares, I mean, there are many people around you that might accept it.

But when it comes to dating someone, people usually get nervous and suspicious. We are not kids anymore and the whole point of dating isn’t having the most beautiful person in the room by your side. Ok, I have to admit that there are people who only pay attention to it but it never ends up good. After you meet each other and realize that you are not destined for each other and you actually don’t fit, one of the spouses starts cheating and the couple usually starts fighting a lot. You realize that you wasted a big part of your life but you also know that there is no way to turn back the time and make your life right.

On the other hand, what to say to a person who you believe to be the perfect one for you? Can you just approach and say something like: ‘’I like you a lot and I want to try and see how we would function in the relationship’’ or something similar to it? Well, you could. But most of us try hard to be unique and creative, which isn’t such a bad thing if we didn’t become extremely nervous and, even though most of us don’t want to admit it, very shy. So what happens now?

So, if we have such a hard time starting a relationship with someone we like, what happens to introverts? It is a lot harder for them because of their way of life. They really don’t try to avoid contact with other people but they are too much turned to themselves, which can give the impression that they are too egoistic and selfish. Ok, and strange. But there is a cure for them as well. Let’s see 10 dating tips for introvert guys.

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