10 Easiest Acoustic Rock Songs to Play On Guitar For Beginners

Is there anything hotter than a man playing an acoustic guitar? And are there easier rock songs to play than these 10 easiest acoustic rock songs to play on guitar for beginners?

People like this instrument, because it is a source of many positive emotions and you can get benefit by playing it. With help of guitar, you can enjoy in music, maybe gain admirers, amuse friends, or join a band if you wish to. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are, the guitar stays popular, people play it and enjoy it.


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Girls like to see a guy who knows how to play guitar. That’s romantic, and if you want to attract a girl who you like, or maybe see a smile on the face of your girlfriend, you don’t have to do much, just play to her, and she will not be an only one who will smile, you will too.

It’s not that easy to learn how to play guitar. You have to make an effort, and never give up, no matter how hard it is, that’s rule number one. Rule number two is that you have to choose songs that are easy to play, and with the time when you get better with guitar, you can start choosing harder songs and melodies. Have patience and you will see, with practicing, your self-confidence will rise, and one day you may become a master of playing guitar, and maybe you can become that guy whose melodies will serve some other people to learn how to play this lovely instrument. Don’t be modest, have big dreams, don’t  just learn to play, express your creativity, make your own melodies and you will change your life. Let the guitar be your filter through which you will express your emotions, your mood, your wishes, yourself.

But let’s face it, everyone loves rock ballads. No matter which genre you prefer to listen on a daily basis (folk, pop, etc), we all fall in ecstasy when we hear the sound of an acoustic guitar playing slow rock. It is the most romantic moment to fall in love. Or just get into bed with someone. Or just enjoy a wine or a beer on a deck with your guitar, feeling like being on the other planet, far away from all the people, far away from everything.

As a beginner, you always need to start with some lighter material. In this case, those are these 10 easiest acoustic rock songs to play on guitar for beginners.

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