10 Easiest And Fastest Countries in Europe to Get Married

For all European people and the people from other continents willing to get someone from Europe, here are 10 easiest and fastest countries in Europe to get married.

I sometimes miss the time of arranged marriages. It really was kind of creepy and you never knew what you were getting into but those marriages lasted. It sounds stupid but those people started to love each other at the end. They respected each other, had their children together, and went to the grave together.

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My great-grandmother had her marriage arranged two times. The first one was with her first husband. It was the time of wars and he was sent to the front. Unfortunately for him and his family, he died. But they were used to it at the time and his parents wanted my great-grandfather’s mother and her three daughters to stay in the house. So they arranged a new marriage to her, with a man a few years younger than her. With him, she got three more children and the youngest was my great-grandfather. The interesting thing was that they all stayed to live with her first parents in law. After that, the tradition changed so they were all able to pick their spouses on their own.

My grandparents had the perfect marriage and I am still looking for a relationship like that. I get it, I won’t ever be able to copy their life but I can look for the nearest thing to that. They started dating while she was in high school and since he was 9 years older than her, he was in the search for the job. He got a job abroad and they waited for each other while he was away. After they got married, they suffered a lot because of their families and money but they never gave up on each other. They never made an empire but they created a great life. They were together until the end and they died together. The sad thing was that they died in a car crash but they would probably die from sadness if one of them was left alone.

But finding a perfect marriage like this is a hard job, especially nowadays and if you have some particular place where you want to live. If you are into Europeans, here are 10 easiest and fastest countries in Europe to get married.

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