10 Easiest Eagle Required Merit Badges to Get

If you are a boy scout, or you have kids you will be interested in the easiest Eagle required merit badges to get. Insider Monkey recently published an article about this topic giving you some very useful tips. The scouts who satisfy all the requirements are allowed to buy the merit badge patch and patch it to their uniform.

Depending on how much merit badges you collect, you can earn higher ranks within the Boy Scout movement. The Eagle Scout is the highest achievement and rank, founded more than one hundred years ago. Each Eagle Scout needs to collect at least 21 merit badges and show a wide variety of other qualities and skills. So if you want to earn an Eagle Scout rank, you will need to work hard, and as the sole motto of this achievement would say, ‘be prepared.’

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three badget  from their list.

The first one is Citizenship in the Nation. This merit badge can be done together with the Government class in both High school and Junior High. Depending on your approach getting the badge can go from medium to highly difficulty. You will need to take some time to thoroughly study the Constitution and organize visits and presentations in your school. You will also need to attend at least 36 hours of classes. The second badget is Citizenship in the World. Some camps promise that you will be able to finish all the requirements for the Citizenship in the World merit badge in just one day. Even if this is true, you won’t be able to learn much if you choose to attend these events. The best and the most affordable way to get this badge is to tie it to your Government class. Luckily, the process of getting the Citizenship in the World badge got a little easier after 2006, when its requirements were rewritten. The badge still has a rating that ranges from medium to difficult. The last badget is Lifesaving.  Getting a swimming badge first will help you to get the Lifesaving one more easily. If you are a good swimmer, you won’t have problems with any of these two. The rules for getting Lifesaving badge were updated in 2016. It is a very helpful badge that will give you a useful life-long knowledge. Although the Swimming badge is Eagle required, if you think it is too hard, you can always opt for Emergency Preparedness one instead.

For any further useful information read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 easiest Eagle required merit badges to get

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