10 Easiest Famous Paintings to Recreate for Beginners

Is there a better way to learn how to paint but by using some of 10 easiest famous paintings to recreate for beginners?

They say that masterpieces can never be copied. They say that all of them have souls and that just copying it can’t make the real impression. Is it really true or not?


Pixabay/Public Domain

To be honest, I don’t really think so. If it was, there wouldn’t be so many replicas of some famous painting, am I right? Of course, I am. The thing is that none of us can learn how to draw or paint by imagining things. The first step of learning how to do it is by watching some already finished pieces and trying to recreate them slowly.

If you want to do it, try with some of the easiest famous paintings to recreate for beginners. Some of those that have the soul.

Today’s art follows the fashion and today’s fashion is everything about minimalism. I might be very limited, but I really don’t get it how the big paper with one dot can be an art. Really, it is. I am really sorry if the creator of this piece finds it offensive but, for God sake, what is it? What does it represent? If I tried to understand it, I would say that it might represent our relevance in the world. That we are not only the crowd, but independent individual.
Or he wanted to say that he feels alone in the big world. He might feel like being the only one who gets himself and everyone else is turned against him. Is there anyone better than me in this field to help out a bit?

The funniest thing was a situation happening at the exact same gallery. Since everything seemed so… strange, one guy decided to spice it up a bit and see the reaction of the audience. He just put his glasses on the floor and went without saying anything. I have no idea how the staff didn’t see it or they also didn’t know whether it is some artist’s act or not, but those glasses stayed there for a while. The worst part was that it became really popular and everyone took pictures of it as if it was one of the greatest pieces of art in the world.

Now, we are left with one question: what is the art? No matter this misconception, people still make great efforts to express themselves through the arts. So let’s see now what 10 easiest famous paintings to recreate for beginners are.

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