10 Easiest Fiddle Tunes for Children

Fiddle definitely isn’t one of the best choices for beginners, but if you would have to choose between the violin and the fiddle, it would be a far better choice. If you made a decision to buy one for your child, here are 10 easiest fiddle tunes for children to start with.

Before we go on, let’s make sure we all know the difference between the violin and the fiddle. At the first sight, they look the same. The truth is, even at the 15th sight, they are completely the same. One of the definitions that I found online defined fiddle as any wooden instrument with strings. If so, does it mean that the guitar is also a fiddle? When I tried to find the answer to that question, my browser shut down probably because this was the stupidest question I ever typed down on Google (and I typed ridiculous things so far).

Pixabay/Public Domain

But every other website that I entered had a far better answer: they are the same wooden instruments with four strings and the only differences between them are the music genres and the set-ups. While the violin is some sort of the fancy instrument that is playing classical music and jazz, the fiddle is more used for folks and traditional genres, the ones with the beat where you don’t even realize that your body is moving a dancing.

As for the set-ups, violin needs to be held in certain position, while fiddlers prefer to loose it up a bit. But, if so, how come fiddle is now the better choice for the first instrument than the violin? I bet you can’t even imagine the answer although it is very simple. It is the music you are playing with it and we all know what kind of music kids prefer and, therefore, learn to play faster.

And, if you give the fiddle to your child and show him or her the simplest songs to learn at the beginning, do you know what the best part of it would be? The majority of songs made for fiddle are made in 18th and 19th century, which means that your child won’t take these traditional songs old-fashioned and out like every new generation is used to think until the age of 30 or more. This list also contains the cartoon music, jigs, lullabies, dances, and all of other songs that will be entertained for your child. So let me present to you 10 easiest fiddle tunes for children.

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