10 Easiest Fiddle Tunes for Children

Let’s read about the easiest fiddle tunes for children. Playing the violin or fiddle is not an easy thing, but I think it’ really worth. I learnt to play the bath basson when I was young, and I often played in an orchestra with other children We really enjoyed it and it was a great joy for us. I was always happy to go to the orchestra, what’s more, some of my friends and I made a little orchestra, and played chamber music. I loved listening to the others playing the violin.  Oh, good old times!

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Fiddle is mostly used for country, bluegrass, and traditional kinds of music, while violin is primarily referred to classical music. That is why we decided to primarily (but not solely) focus on fiddle kinds of music, which are, luckily, easier to play at the start. Nevertheless, even the easiest fiddle tunes can get way too complicated in the hands of virtuosos.

Now Insider Monkey has investigated for us the easiest fiddle tunes, so if you have kids and want choose some, it’s the right opportunity for you! We have picked three tunes from their list for now. Little Brown Jug was composed by Joseph Winner in 1869. As a drinking song it became very popular during the Prohibition, so the thematic might not be the most appropriate one for children. Nevertheless, the instrumental version is quite easy to play, and probably the most famous instrumental adaptation of this song was by Glenn Miller. My Darling Asleep, and in Irish the Mo Muirnin ‘Sa Codlad, is one of the traditional Irish songs written down in the late 19th century. This is one of the famous traditional Irish tunes, a jig played on fiddle, whistle accordion and other instruments and it is a great song to learn. Foggy Dew is a sad Irish ballad, firstly written down in the 19th century in The Ancient Music of Ireland by Edward Bunting. Among many popular adaptations probably the most famous one is by Sinéad O’Connor. All of these songs are so nice tht I miss my bassoon, if it were with me now Iwould play all of them. What about you? Which one would choose?

For any further useful tips, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 easiest fiddle tunes for children

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