10 Easiest Flute Songs To Play For Beginners

If you are a flute lover who just started getting to know this instrument closer, I have here the list of 10 easiest flute songs to play for beginners.

Every new instrument that you take in your hands requires time for learning basics and practice. You can start learning it by yourself by taking some books for beginners or finding the instructions on the Internet, or, even better, take a private tutor to help you master it.

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The flute is said to be one of the hardest instruments to play, but, after you master it, everything you start playing would be like rising to the heaven. Personally, I enjoy hearing flute and I went to many concerts where I enjoyed listening to experienced musicians creating the art, but frankly, I would never dare to go anywhere near the flute. First of all, because my lungs are so damaged that I can’t even take a deep breath without coughing or tearing apart and, second, I am more of the just finger-instruments person. I would always go first for the harp, piano, or the guitar, then taking trumped or a flute in my hands, although both of them require using fingers, but you always have better sight when something is in front of you, and I am obviously not the person who was secure enough when I don’t look at what I am doing. People might say that I am a bit of a control freak and they probably are right, but I don’t care at all. I am who I am and I love myself the way I am. But I am not the one who is important right now, especially because I have no idea who this whole flute thing works, and, therefore, I am just not entitled to make some comments or judge anything or everyone in this field.

But when this list was made, research team who worked on it consulted sites where were people who really knew what they were talking about. The main sites where they looked for the easiest songs to play on flute were 8notes that has the large database of music styles, artists, and instruments, and where you could find chords for every song and instrument on Earth based on the level of your music skills, song’s popularity and the date of its publishing. Another one that was shown as the perfect source was the YouTube channel called EasyMusicPlay and, after mixing results from both sources, they published the list of 10 easiest flute songs to play for beginners. If you are interested in seeing it, just click on the bolded blue headline and you will be automatically transferred to the official site where you will find all information you need.

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