10 Easiest Folk Songs To Play On Acoustic Guitar

Let’s start with some lighter and more entertaining topics: 10 easiest folk songs to play on acoustic guitar.

As a girl, I have to say that there is absolutely nothing hotter than a guy sitting in his shirt, playing the acoustic guitar and singing love songs. I am not that big of a fan of folk songs, but, when it comes to having a guy by my side playing guitar, I would stand it.

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When it comes to the easiest folk songs to play on acoustic guitar, those are the ones that only includes chords such as A, E, D, and G7. Of course, if you are still a beginner, first you need to learn how to play these chords and then move on to learning some song. Unfortunately, the only folk song that I know and love is Cotton Eye Joe. To be honest, I am not exactly sure whether this is a folk song, but the one thing that I am sure about is that it doesn’t consist only A, E, D, and G7, which excludes it from this list of easiest folk songs to play on acoustic guitar.

Since I am not a guitar expert (the nearest thing I came to when it comes to guitar is trying to set it and tensed it so hard that the strings broke, after what I left it), I left the choice to more experienced people that took the experience of experts to compile the list. So, as you could already assume, I took one of the Insider Monkey’s list to share with you. It was made by one of their writers by taking a look at Folk Alley’s 100 most essential folk songs list, Acoustic Music Archive, and Susan C. Anthony. Besides these songs that were taken from the list, these sites also include songs for more advanced guitar players so, if you are one of them, or if you are a beginner who already mastered these easier ones, it is time for you to move on to something harder.

All of these songs that were picked by Insider Monkey’s writer are the ones including less and simpler chords and don’t require any of the advanced guitar techniques. Of course, these are all traditional songs, which is why there are many different versions that are harder to play and sound more hard-core, but you will eventually get to that. First, you need to master these 10 easiest folk songs to play on acoustic guitar.

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