10 Easiest Galaxies To See with Telescope or Binoculars

Grab your seat on the balcony and find 10 easiest galaxies to see with telescope or binoculars.

The thing is, everyone likes spreading some sheets at night and spend a couple of hours just lying there and looking at stars. It is so relaxing and peaceful and makes you forget about the real world around you. But not everyone knows what they are looking at.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Personally, I like waiting for the falling stars. I always make a wish and after that, I can go peacefully to sleep. Or just looking at the sky filled with stars and galaxies. Honestly, I know nothing about what I am seeing except the fact that it really calms me down.

But I guess that for some people this isn’t enough. Some people like knowing about the things that they observe and this is especially hard if they still didn’t get through the basics. If you are one of those people, I recommend starting off with binoculars. First of all, they are more portable and easier to handle with. The second thing is you can look with both eyes, which is very important for beginners. The third, the most important thing is that you will have a wider look via telescope, which will confuse you a lot. Telescopes are mostly for people that are in this hobby for a long time and can tell the difference between different planets, galaxies, and stars. But as for the people who just got their first telescope even the books can help them.

In order to find the easiest galaxies to find and recognize, Insider Monkey’s research team checked the BinocularSky, where they found information about the best binoculars to buy, much general information about the binocular astronomy, and the reviews from people who tried their advice out. The other source was the SkyAndTelescope for the same guidelines, but just for the telescope lovers this time. After reviewing those and some other astronomical databases that came up on the way, they compiled the perfect list of 10 easiest galaxies to see with telescope or binoculars. So check it out and enjoy the view.

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