10 Easiest GCSE Subjects to Pass

Last week we talked about the hardest GCSE subjects to pass but I think that I made GCSE to scary for pupils which is why today we are covering 10 easiest GCSE subjects to pass.

If you didn’t have a chance, it wouldn’t be that harmful to read 10 hardest GCSE subjects to pass as well. If you don’t feel like it, I am going to repeat some basic facts about the GCSE for the ones living somewhere outside Great Britain.


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Why did I say outside Great Britain? Well, the explanation is quite simple. The GCSE, or the General Certificate of Secondary Education, is the accreditation offered to students in some of the countries in Great Britain (Wales, England, and Scotland). Students are starting to prepare for it between the age of 9 and 10 minimum and the final exam can be taken after they turn 15 or 16. The point of the GCSE is to pass tests as you have already finished high school and don’t want to study anymore. This is actually a ticket for passing several years of schooling in order to get into college earlier or start working.

As everything else in life, GCSE has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with disadvantages. Many people, including me, believe that school is not only a place to learn new things and earn some certificate or a degree. It is also a place to hang out and learn things about life, including how to socialize. If you become a nerd, you might end up working for some big corporation, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it. You might also end up smart and educated at some meaningless job, for some ridiculous salary, without having great memories from childhood. No matter how many things regarding some subject you know, you can end up stupid for life and that’s more important than any degree in the world. There are parents who make their children take this GCSE in order to brag about them and push them harder but they should realize that not every kid is meant for passing some of the GCSE subjects.

However, many children believe that they are being backed down while going to school with their peers. They get some subject that good that they might end up a lot better in their lives if they started something new and repeating one same thing because of children who are a bit slower in some subject is just the waste of time. On the other hand, there are children who are forced to finish school earlier and start working ASAP because of the bad financial situation in their house. And that’s fine too.

Nevertheless, here are 10 easiest GCSE subjects to pass.

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