10 Easiest Gel Eyeliners To Apply

Ok girls, you can stop duck-taping your eyes before you put the makeup on and save up the whole package of wet wipes because here are 10 easiest gel eyeliners to apply.

People say that jewelry is a girl’s best friend. Incorrect! Makeup is! It is there for girls after the rough night to cover the trails of her hangover. It is there for her to cover imperfections. It is there whenever she feels uncomfortable in her own skin, but it is also there to make her feel even more comfortable and self-respected!

Pixabay/Public Domain

You should never judge the book by its cover, but the truth is that you can tell much about a girl based on her clothing and skin. Ok, honestly, nowadays you can’t really guess what kind of place she headed to because most of the girls nowadays started putting too much makeup on, which sometimes makes them unrecognizable.
But the way they do it tells you many things about them. Based on sharpness, softness, coloring, and the amount of make up some girl is wearing you can say much about their self-esteem and inner conditions.

Personally, I love seeing a female person taking care of herself and her appearance. Most of all I respect the ones who enjoy looking themselves in a mirror without turning their heads away and finding all the imperfections. Girls, do me one favor: don’t ever put the extra makeup or make a bigger effort because of someone else. Be beautiful for yourselves. Feel beautiful about yourselves. Love yourselves the way you are and it will reflect on your physical appearance as well. You will look more self-confident and you will glow.

But no matter how much you admire yourselves in a mirror and occasionally think that you are too beautiful to make any bigger effort when putting your makeup on, you didn’t do anything if your makeup looks sloppy like you just put 3 pounds of makeup and jumped into a pool, especially when it comes to putting eyeshadows or eyeliners. If you make a mistake when putting on a lipstick, there is no harm in that. You will take a wet wipe and clean it up in a second. On the other hand, if you make some mistake with your eyes and try to clean it off, just forget about going out that day. You will need lots of time taking that makeup off and you will end up looking like you spent the whole night crying.

It is a misbelief that only girls with steady hands could apply some eye-makeup and that the eyeliner isn’t for everyone. You just need a little more practice and pick up some techniques from other girls making tutorials on YouTube and simply next time, when you go to the drugstore, ask the salesperson whether she has for sale some of 10 easiest gel eyeliners to apply. Click on the link to see which one are they.

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