10 Easiest Gin Drinks for Summer

If you are a gin lover, then you will definitely enjoy these 10 easiest gin drinks for summer.

To find the best and most refreshing gin drinks, a research team working on the list consulted The Webtender, the online platform where both experienced bartenders and other people who just mixing drinks for their personal pleasure share recipes for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Since there are thousands of different gin mixes on this platform, the research team took only the ones that required minimum ingredients for preparation.

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The easiest one from the list only requires gin and Ginger ale. Both of these ingredients must be somewhere around your house and, if not, they are not expensive to buy immediately. You take 1 part Gin a pour it in a cocktail glass and the second step is just pouring 3 parts of Ginger ale all over the Gin and, Voila! Your Gin Gin is ready! I admit that it doesn’t sound creative at all, but the taste is just remarkable. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Unless they are on medications or under the age of 21, of course. Their time will come soon anyway and until then, you can enjoy it by yourself.

When I scrolled the list from the beginning ’till the end, I realized that Gin is very flexible. You can mix it with basically everything, from fruit juices to strong beverages. But the most common ingredients added in these Gin cocktails are lemon juice and ice cubes, although ice cubes are technically not ingredients, still, they are recommended in some recipes. Personally, I don’t enjoy any drink with ice, except the water, because everything becomes more watery and strange after the ice melts. But if you have ever searched some tutorials on YouTube, you couldn’t miss some nice recipes as well. Ice cubes are not made of only water and they taste really good. You can actually mix up everything and put it in a plastic fridge pattern for ice. After a few hours, you will get colorful frozen fruit cubes.

For Gin, specifically, you can squeeze a lemon and put the juice in those tiny boxes and put it in a freezer. Later on, take a lemon cubes, put it in a glass and just pour some Gin over it. Both refreshing and easy as well.

So let’s take a look at other 10 easiest Gin drinks for summer that Insider Monkey’s research team picked for us.

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