10 Easiest Road Test Sites in NY and NJ

Are you doing your driving test soon? If so, and if you want to practice a little bit more, follow Insider Monkey’s article with us now. Our article will be about easiest road test sites in NY and NJ.

If you are planning to enter a driving school you can wonder about NJ and NY roads and if they are hard. I can remember when I decided to get my driving licence, and I needed to choose between driving schools in the capital city or a little town nearby. In the end I decided to go the capital, because the trafic is really hard there: roads are crowded, people are impatient, there are lots of pedestrians, etc. I thought to myself if I could pass my driving test there I would be able to drive anywhere.

But of course, it’s much better if you begin with easier sites, and then go forward to the more difficult ones. At first it’s a good idea to have a look into the NJ and NY road test locations.  There may be many of you who need the driving licence because in this case you can get a much better job with higher salary. But if you don’t have time to make a thorough research, don’t worry as Insider Monkey have done all the work for you!

We must mention that it’ very subjective which road is easy, so roads on this list are arranged by other drivers’ opinions. So it can happen that you don’t quite agree with everything, but this list is a good starting point for you. Now without a further ado, let’s check what Insider Monkey have investigated for you about the easiest road test sites in NY and NJ.
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10. Riverhead, Long Island, NY

Our first road on this list will be Riverhead, Long Island, NY. When you begin driving, you had better to start with a smaller and simpler road that is not so busy and can be comfortable for you. So we can say Long Island can be a very good choice for you. As I can remember my first road was very similar to this one. Do not hesitate and try it if you mean to learn gradually.

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9. Randolph, NJ

Now we have come with another easy road that is Randolph, NJ. If you try it you will see the reason why other drivers recommend it to you. You are highly encouraged to go and drive here, it’s a fast and closed route that you will surely enjoy and finish soon.

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8. Wayne, NJ

But wont stop here and we are going forward, as here is Wayne, NJ which is a really easy road test and as it is also closed without public roads, you will have a great opportunity to practice everything very thoroughly and as much as you can. You can drive in an unstressed way on this route.

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7. Wantagh, NY

Have you ever tried Wantagh, NY? No? Well, it’s your turn now to check this easy road to drive. It’s not stressful even you have had the first driving lesson. This route is also highly recommended for those who are doing their driving school.

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6. Patchogue, Long Island, NY

Now here is another pleasant and easy route for you: Patchogue route is a pretty good one in NY. It’s also located on Long Island, and as it’s close to New York City, it’s recommended for those who live in the neighborhood. You can improve your driving skills quickly here.

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5. Baker Basin, NJ

If you know your way around here, you must know Baker Basin in NJ which is really a great route as it’s simple, quick and easy to develop your skills. Driving schools highly recommend this road as well, so there’s another reason to try it.

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4. Salem, NJ

We can tell you only good things about this road as it’s really one the most simpliest one on our list. It has got lots of recommendations since it’s short and absolutely not crowded one. You won’t regret if you try it for the first!

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3. Fox Hill, Staten Island, NY

When checking these routes this was my favourite one as it is one of the best locations and it’s very suitable for beginners as well. It’s highley recommended for everyone. Check it out and try it!

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2. Rahway, NJ

Rahway is another great route for you as it’s one of the easiest and relaxing route for everyone. Once you have tried it you will also recommend it to everybody.

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1. Cherry Hill, NJ

And now here is the number one route on Insider Monkey’s list which was created for you: Cherry Hill, NJ. Based on the recommendations hardly anyone have failed this test so if you choose this one, you can feel your driving licence in your pocket. This was the 10 easiest road test sites in NY and NJ. Which one will you choose?

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