10 Easiest Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying on The Phone or Text

Do you want to know the easiest ways to tell if someone is lying on the phone or text? I think it has happened to everybody that we believed something that wasn’t true. Now, with the help of Insider Monkey’s article we can find out if we are lied to.

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But how can you do this?- you can think. Well, it is much easier to spot if someone is laying when you speak to them face to face. You can see their eyes, their gestures, or other non-verbal signs. when a person is avoiding eye contact it is a clear sign that they are hiding something. We observe their hand gestures to determine whether the person is hiding something or not. AS for me, I haven’t known that I can spot lies even in texts. Now, without a further ado, let’s read what Insider Monkey has investigated for us.

We have picked three ways from their list for now. The first sign is the person changes the subject. If a person is hiding something from you when you are speaking on the phone or texting, they will definitely try to move from the subject as quickly as possible and start a new topic. If you ask a direct question when on the phone, and a person gives you a quick, undefined answer and then moves quickly to something else, this is alarming and can mean that the person is lying to you. It is similar with texting, so pay attention to how the person changes the subject. Verbal pattern and baseline are also important. If you want to be certain whether a person is truthful or not when speaking on the phone, it is useful to establish a baseline during the first few minutes of the conversation. That means establishing a verbal pattern while discussing some everyday things where the person has no need to lie at all. Now that you have established a baseline, you can observe to see whether there are any from the baseline. If the person becomes anxious, it is likely there will be a deviation so this is your clue. But make sure you look for more than one change before you make a conclusion. Sweet talk can be an alarming sign for us. Do you enjoy compliments? You probably do just like everyone else, but beware of sweet talk that is meant for other purposes than making you feel good. When a cheater wants to hide the fact that they are cheating, they will rely on the power of compliments to mask the lie. It is quite similar to changing the subject but in this case, the speaker uses a more appealing way of hiding a lie. They will give a short answer to a direct question and then start complimenting you for no reason. But we must’t forget those people who are notorious liars know these signs and can avoid them.

For any further tips, check Insider Monkey’s article about 10 easiest wys to tell if somone is is lying on the phone or text.

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