10 Easiest Winter Olympic Sports to Qualify for

Have you ever planned to take part in any Olympic games? If so, and if you prefer winter sports, check out Insider Monkey’s latest article about the easiest winter Olympic sports to qualify for. The next Winter Olympic games will take place in Beijing, China, from 4th to 20th February 2022. Therefore you have enough time to prepare! But don’t forget time flies very quckly!

At first, let’s see the opportunities for qualifying! If you have done winter sports since childhood, naturally you will have more chances. But if not, you will have to find out what your personal preferences are regarding to any winter sports. Choosing the right sport means a half success for you.  You should decide if individual or team sports are good for you. But keep in mind that sometimes individual sports are s the most damanding ones, such as marathon, boxing etc.

While reading Insider Monkey’s list , I found some surprising sports on it, such as snowboard. As for me, I can’t do snowboarding at all, but I wouldn’t think it would be that easy. Now without a further ado, come with us and let’s check out what Insider Monkey have investigated for you!
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10. Snowboard

As for me, I was surprised to read snowboarding on the list, as I don’t find it an easy winter sport, but Insider Monkey have investigated that it can be a very good choice for people who know the basics already. This winter sport needs flexibility, coordination, and a good physical shape therefore it can be difficult for beginners. But if you have the basics, you can go in for the winter Olympic games.

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9. Alpine skiing

I think that there are hardly anyone who wouldn’t know alpine skiing, which is one of the oldest and the most traditional winter Olympic sports. There are lots of people skiing in the world, and if you have already got the basic experiences in skiing, you can train more and qualify for the winter Olympic. But you will need to train very hard if you want to win!

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8. Biathlon

Telling you the truth I hadn’t known much of biathlon before I read Insider Monkey’s list about the easiest winter Olympic sports to qualify for. This winter sport combines rifle shooting and skiing. As a matter of fact it’s a long trail sport wchich doesn’t require so much technical perfection, but great durability instead. Still, it’s considered as one of the easiest sport at the winter Olympic.

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 7. Cross-country skiing

This winter sport, cross-country skiing is very similar to biathlon, but a little simpler, as “only” excellent durability is required. And of course great strength and physical shape. As for me, I firmly believe that this winter sport is absolutely not so easy as it is regarded to be. But if you are an experienced athelete in this sport, you may try to qualify for the winter Olympic.

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6. Figure skating

I think figure skating is one of the most beautiful winter sports, if not the most beautiful one. It needs excellent coordination of the body, flexibility, and  sense of rhythm. My Mom was great at this sport, so when I was a child we always watched it on TV whenever we could, at this time my Mom explained me everything about figure skating. I do not expect that it would be that easy, but if you are good at it, it’s worth trying the winter Olympic.

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5. Skeleton

Have you ever heard skeleton as a winter sport? Or you might have pursued it as well? This is also one of the oldest winter sports – yes! It comes from Switzerland and it’s nothing else but sledding down from the mountains with an ice toboggan.

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4. Ice hockey

There can be hardly anyone found who wouldn’t have heard about ice hockey. Its popularity is very high although it’s rather a tough winter sport.

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3. Luge

It is also one of the oldest winter sports, and it’s a winter Olympic sport as well. If you have tha basic experience, you can intensify training and in 2022 you may be one of the winners!

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2. Bobsled

Bobsled can be and entertaining and funny sport to watch, but I do think it is also a dangerous sport. It requires two or four people in a team sliding down, and the team gets the best time, it will win. As for me, I much prefer watching it.

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1. Curling

Believe it or not, but curling is one of the sports at the winter Olympic games. This sport got the first place on Insider Monkey’s list, and let’s be honest: it needs several stones, some teammates, brooms, and the game can begin! If you pursue this winter sport, do not hasitate to take part in the winter Olypic games in 2022!

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These were the 10 easiest winter olypmic sports to qualify for, we hope you liked Insider Monkey’s latest article and perhaps you will qualify for one, soon!

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