10 Easy but Beautiful Piano Pieces that Sound Impressive

There is no better way of starting your piano career than with 10 easy but beautiful piano pieces that sound impressive.

Playing piano is not that easy as everyone thinks. It isn’t enough to practice each piece with only five fingers because you are not going to practice on a synthesizer like you used to when you were a child and keyboard don’t have 88 keys for collecting dust. Also, you can’t just learn the basic scale and think that you have mastered piano.

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There are certain things that you need to go through before you buy your own piano. First of all, you need to decide how serious about the piano you are and what are you planning on doing with it. Based on that, you will find the right piano for you.

You can buy a regular, professional acoustic upright piano, that is pretty much statical because it is very heavy and unpractical to be carried around with you. It is connected with metal strings and has between 25 and 88 keys. But the modern technology made it available for everyone to have its own piano for a lower cost and a lot easier to handle and carry around.  So, nowadays, you have a digital piano that has the same number of keys as the acoustic piano, but the difference is that metal strings and felt hammers are replaced with digital versions and you can choose either console model that has built-in speakers or the stage model that is designed to be connected to the external speakers.

And, of course, there are synthesizers that are designed to electronically reproduce the sounds of the range of different instruments and even duplicate those instruments. They can also be connected to the computer and be installed with different sounds that you can be made in different software installed on your computer. Also, you can connect 2 keyboards to each other via MIDI.

Then, it is time for you to earn some theoretical knowledge in piano notes, chords, time and key signatures, rests, intervals, triads, scales, and octaves. You should also know that you will be able to perform different pieces only based on the octaves range and it all depends on the number of keys your keyboard has. The keyboard that has only 25 keys has only 2-octave range, while the 49-key keyboard has the double more. The 61-key keyboard can handle 5 octaves, followed by the 76-key keyboard with the range of 6 octaves. The full set of octaves has only the 88-key keyboard that has 7 white and 5 black keys for each octave and has the ability to perform each piece ever composed in the world.

Once you are done with these basics, it is time for you to learn the 10 easy but beautiful piano pieces that sound impressive.

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