10 Easy Drinking Games Without Anything But Alcohol

If you have prepared for a great weekend, but all the games you know require spare equipment that you really wouldn’t bring if not necessary, here are 10 easy drinking games without anything but alcohol to entertain you this Friday night.

We all had our versions of drinking games. For example, when I was a teenager, we had a game called the Waterfall that was played with cards. Each card and color had some meaning and you either got yourself or someone else drunk. But it didn’t only have passing shots games. When you pulled the Queen, you had to pick a game where you would think about some brand or any kind species and everyone else had to come up with one kind per a circle. The one that would be left with no more ideas had to drink. It was a lot of fun. But it was also very dangerous because, sometimes, we didn’t know how to stop.

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When you think of it now, the majority of these drinking games are supposed to be played with cards. And sometimes, due to the lack of imagination, the regular card games are being turned into drinking games.

There was also a drinking roulette, the game that I never completely understood, but my friends did and played it even when there was no special occasion. Guess who always skipped it? Well, of course, the one that would most probably get super-waisted because she doesn’t know the rules, me.

But is it really necessary to bring cards, or the whole roulette with you every time you go out? Or is there some better way to turn this drinking party on? Ok, what about Spin the Bottle? It is a bit old, but it still is exciting and the best part of it is, the rules can be changed any moment and it gives you plenty of rooms for upgrades.

But you need to know some things before I give you this list: first of all, enough is enough. The point of these games isn’t for anyone to get wasted, fall down the stairs, have conflicts, make a mess, throw up, or be brought home on someone else’s backs. The point is in having an innocent fun. So, when you feel that you had enough drinks for one night, trust me, you did and you should stop there immediately. Forget about one more shot or the pressure of your friends. They are drunk as well and you would be proud of yourself for stepping back.  This one is followed by the similar advice: watch what you are paying for because you don’t want to take any risks for a stupid game, just for fun. You don’t want to regret it tomorrow. And this is especially for girls. Watch your steps and keep your clothes on! I think that you see where I am going from here.

Now, when we got this straight, here are 10 easy drinking games without anything but alcohol.

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