10 Etsy Shops To Avoid: High Number of Bad Reviews

Before you bill your credit card, here are 10 Etsy shops to avoid: high number of bad reviews.

I am not the one to tell you where your money should go. After all, I am the first one making the bad mistakes when it comes to spending money. I think that, besides things that I buy for my child, there is nothing smart in my house. Actually, I even buy stupid things for my child from time to time.


No one can stop us from buying unnecessary things just because they are cheap. For example, I bought headphones for $2, even though I already had 4 that worked. After that, we wanted to order some things for the house that really were necessary. We ended up with $150 bill for those things and additional $140 for things that we didn’t use ever. We just put them in the room that no one used and forgot about it. Speaking of it, I really need to start using them because I feel like a fool right now.

Besides spending money for unnecessary stuff, there is one more thing that bothers online buyers, that is actually more important than collecting junk that no one is ever going to use and that’s giving the money to bad sellers. And what makes one seller a bad seller? First of all, there are many of them that forget or don’t pay attention to sell you things. You have to wait for weeks and it still isn’t certain that the item is ever going to arrive.

The second thing that makes some seller a bad seller is the broken or item that doesn’t work properly. This can be the break that happened during the transport but those sellers are never going to admit that they didn’t really make it safe enough for that transport. They won’t even consider paying you back so they get the bad reviews.

The worst kind of sellers that you, luckily, won’t find on Etsy, is the one that sends you the wrong item or tries to trick you for some big cash. For example, how many of you read somewhere that people ordered smartphones and got brick or something like that instead?

This is not very common on Etsy, but before every purchase, it isn’t a bad choice to check the buyer. This is the list of 10 Etsy shops to avoid: high number of bad reviews.

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