10 Etsy Shops to Buy Personalized Necklaces with Your Initials

If you are a jewelry fan or are looking for the perfect gift for some jewelry fan, you will be more than satisfied with some of 10 Etsy shops to buy personalized necklaces with your initials from Insider Monkey’s list.

The initial jewelry trend is among us for years and they are the perfect, but in a same time gift that don’t require that much money, but means a lot. There are several versions of them and most of the sellers are giving you the options to choose and design necklaces the way you want them to.

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You can choose the size, the shape, the color, or you can even pick the whole name to be made. Since the neck is one of the most sensual body parts on the women’s body, it is essential that they decorate them on a daily basis with different kind of necklaces. And is there a more beautiful way to do it than by wearing someone special’s initials around your neck? You can take the first letter of your husband’s or child’s name, or just take the first letter of your own name and put it on a chain.

These necklaces are simple and beautiful and the must-have accessory in every women’s jewelry box. All jewelry manufactures are making these kind of jewelry for different purposes, but, if you would enter Etsy, you would find many different sellers that are offering the same or maybe even the better looking and higher quality jewelry with initials for cheaper price.

Since Etsy is the perfect platform for people making home crafts, besides jewelry, you can find all sorts of items, and all of them come for far less money. Each seller has his or her own shop on the platform where they offer all kinds of things they are making on a daily basis and the majority of them are also offering you the service of ordering something unique with some special creative design, but with their signature on it.

To find the sellers that will provide the best service and had the most satisfied customers, Insider Monkey’s team found the ones with the biggest and most colorful offer and most satisfied customers in general. Most of them are also offering even bracelets, watches, earrings, and rings besides the necklaces with initials, so it wouldn’t be such a waste of time to check each of them out individually.

But be careful if you are like me, because there are big chances that you will spend a bit more money that you initially planned when you see everything that these shops have in their offer.

To see the whole list, check out the original Insider Monkey’s article about 10 Etsy shops to buy personalized necklaces with your initials.

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