10 Fastest Growing Cities in the U.S. by Population Growth

Interested in the fastest growing cities in the U.S. by population growth? Great! We are planning to discuss it today, so we have brought Insider Monkey’s latest article for you!

If you are thinking to move to a new city, you may consider lots of things. Working possibilities, public order, weather, cultural opportunities, allergy and many other things. One of them is population growth of the certain city. Many of you prefer big cities as they offer some kind of safety. In a big city you can find workplace easier, you can choose among the best schools and kindergartens for your kids, you can opt for the most excellent medical institutes, and if you prefer impersonal living areas then big cities are really suitable for it. While living in a small town provides you with another safety. Finding a new workplace can be more difficult, and you may not choose among lots of schools, kindergartens and medical institutes, but people generally have closer connection with each other, and they take care of one another more. Yet, large cities have growing population, and the reason are not only urbanisation, but migration as well. For example, in 2016, around one million people chose the United States as their new home country. However, this year was the peak, as this number has been decreasing continually since then.

And now let’s have a look at some of the cities from Insider Monkey’s list. Are you ready? On the 10th spot there’s Atlanta city, Georgia with its population increase in percentage terms of 1.73%. We jump a little to the eighth spot, where there Forth Worth city, Texas can be found with population increase in percentage terms of 1.83%. With a bigger leap we arrive at the 5th spot and can see Reno city, population increase in percentage terms of 2.18%. Without reveiling the absolut winner city, here’s Henderson city, Nevada on the 2nd place. Population increase in percentage terms is 3.45% here. Bet you won’t guess the first one on the compilation of fastest growing cities in the U.S. by population growth.

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