10 Fastest Growing YouTube Channels in 2016

What are the 10 fastest growing YouTube channels in 2017?

With all the platforms improving their features in order to create their full potential and bring everything to one place for consumers, like Facebook did with the Watch feature this August, the one might think that the YouTube will fall a bit behind. That is why I decided to dig up the old Insider Monkey’s article regarding the fastest growing YouTube channels in 2017 and see if their predictions came true.

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After launching in 2005, people worldwide saw the great potential of the YouTube, but, as always, the popularity is rather relevant object and all analysts are left with are the predictions based on the different data and parameters. But it seems like the YouTube won’t get old and boring any time soon, especially because of the music hits popping up on the platform only one day after the release.

But although everyone enjoys listening to the music on the Internet, accept for the ChansmokersVEVO and Trap Nation, there are no other music channels mentioned. Speaking of these two, let’s see how they are going. Just to make something clear: the researchers did this list based on the number and percentage of the new subscribers in the last 30 days. The thing that I am about to do now is to check one of them on SOCIALBLADE to see how this channel is doing now and compare the results.

When this list of the fastest growing YouTube Channels in 2017 was posted on December 16, ChainsmokersVEVO took the third place. A bit less than 5 years from its beginning in 2012, the ChainsmokersVEVO got 2 billion views overall. While the number of new subscribers has risen for 908,520 from November until December, this channel was eligible for making it to the list. So, let’s take a look at the facts: Insider Monkey wrote 10 months ago that the number of subscribers in the last 30 days was 908,520. According to the SOCIALBLADE, the number of the new subscribers in the last month was 280,091. You don’t need to be a scientist to see that this number is decreasing, but let’s face the fact. If some channel just started boosting the new stuff, it is really common for people to chase for subscription, which is why that channel gets the more daily subscribers. After it reaches its not exactly full, but the rather acceptable number of subscribers, it is common for less people who are interested in the same videos to subscribe, not because the channel is worse, but because the fans have already been subscribed before. Want the proof? Again, Insider Monkey wrote last year that there were 2 billion views in 5 years, right? Well, over these past 10 months, the number of views has jumped to 5.2 billion. Do you see now where I am going?

Let’s play a game now, check out the full article about 10 fastest growing YouTube channels in 2017 and see all of the channels that were supposed to be on the top by now and decide if this list made any sense or not.

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