10 Foundations that Give Grants to Nonprofit Organizations

Pay attention to this article, since it will bring you to the list of the foundations that give grants for nonprofit organizations. It is a very interesting topic and now Insider Monkey has published an article about it. Although there are lots of rpoblems in the world: famine, poverty, natural disasters – it’s good to know there are foundations who do help in need.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three  foundations that give grants for nonprofit organizations.

The first one is PepsiCo Foundation. There is no need to present this brand. It is wondrous how much a bottle or a can of Pepsi is available anywhere in the world. Apart from globally affecting people’s thirst satisfaction, PepsiCo has a keen interest in healthy lifestyles, affordable nutrition, access to clean water, sustainable agriculture, job readiness, and empowering women and girls. Even though PepsiCo corporate foundation has given around $900 million in cash and resources since 2005, it must be noted that this sponsor normally approves grants to big organizations. Nevertheless, you can still give it a go. No matter how big or small an organization is, you always write and make proposals to the same address. The second foundation is European Foundation Centre. The European Foundation Centre (EFC) was established in 1989 by seven foundations and has been doing a pretty good job ever since. It is a huge organization with over 160 independent funders and is currently helping about 7,000 organizations in thirty-five European countries. In year 2012/13 their grants reached $2.5 billion in total. Bear that in mind if you are based in Europe. These figures seem pretty promising and that’s why this foundation is on the list of  foundations that give grants to nonprofit organizations. The last one is  The Commonwealth Foundation. As we have promised, in this article about foundations that give grants to nonprofitorganizations, we are going to cover the whole world. If you had an A in History, you do realize there are 52 countries on all continents that belong here. The Commonwealth Foundation endorses non-governmental organizations, professional associations and cultural activities.  At this very moment they are finished with grant giving, but in December 2017 they will be open for receiving new grant proposals, so you better get ready on time.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 foundations that give grants for nonprofit organizations


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