10 Free No WiFi Games for Android and iPhone

Remember those times when you have struggled with finding the installation for the right game, but everything after it was a piece of cake? All of your progress has been saved on your PC/mobile phone, and there was no need for you to get online for anything. Nowadays, everything is virtual, including the games. But not every game developer made customers miserable in that sense, which is why there are at least 10 free no WiFi games for Android and iPhone waiting for smartphone gamers to get their hands on.

Pixabay/Public Domain

I am trying to get those people each day. I know that all of them need some way to earn money for their effort, but why can’t I play some strategy or simple arcade game on my, already broken smartphone, without being interrupted each time with some ad, or being bothered after not launching the game longer than an hour?

Even if some game is interesting, I lose the interest within a few days just because I can’t stand those pop-ups and notifications. And no, I don’t want to turn them off! I just want them to stop! And what if I am, let’s say at the doctor’s office and the line is too long? I don’t have any mobile data left and there is no WiFi and I decide to cut my time by playing some game. How can I do it when the stupid program requires the Internet?

And the thing that I always hated the most is losing the saved progress. I played one game last year (I am not going to mention names because I don’t want to give them any publicity, whether it was positive or negative) and it required WiFi. Every third or fourth day, I had to start all over. Why? I spent too much effort to make everything the way I wanted and pufffff… It just blew off who knows where and who knows why. So, it was either breaking my smartphone into pieces or deleting the game. Of course, there was no need for my smartphone to suffer so I deleted the game and left a bit unpleasant review on Google Play. Who’s laughing now, ha?

For all of you who hate these online games as much as I do, I know what you have been wondering: are there any games left out there for the new, improved smartphone systems that we can play without chasing for WiFi passwords, having to charge our batteries every few hours, or wanting to break our smartphones each time some ad pops up? There are. Not one, but 10 free no WiFi games for Android and iPhone that you definitely need to check out!

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