10 Free Trial Classes for Children in NYC

Are there free trial classes for children in NYC? Now that the summer holiday is about to break, you may want to find some kind of classes for your children. Insider Monkey has recently published an article where you can find couple of useful tips. You may be busy all around the year so you need to search something for the kids. Something that is fun and useful.

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Obviously it’s not very productive if you let them sit in the room for the whole of the summer. It’s good if you can find some, but of course it can happen that your kids don’t like the programs those classes offer. Luckily there are classes that are willing to offer trial classes for free, so you can decide with you kids if the programs fit for them or not. In this case you don’t risk your money with paying the whole semester. As for me, I think it’s a pretty good idea. Extracurricular activities have lots of benefits for you children, for instance it gives them structure, additional education. Fortunately there are so many programs in New York City that it’s absolutely not a problem to find the appropriate ones. From dancing to cooking, to exercise and music, there are too many options to count.

We have picked three free trial classes from Insider Monkey’s list: My Gym, Songs for Seeds and The Art Farm in the City. My Gym offers multiple locations around the city, and lots of fitness focused classes, such as Zumba, ballet, karate and many more. This is perfect choice for you if you want to encourage your children to lead a healthy life. You can have free trials just to see if your kids enjoy the courses. Songs for Seeds is in Upper East Side and teaches interactive music classes to children, from newborns to 6-year-olds. The classes last for 45 minutes and your kid will have the possibility to jam on real drums, keyboards, and a number of instruments from around the world. Along with music, the courses also incorporate different cultures, languages, art, and practicing counting and numbers. The Art Farm in the City offers a range of kid’s classes, like art, cooking, and animal care. These courses are available all the year around, not only in summer. If your kids love animals, they will surely be happy to attend these classes.

For any further useful tips, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about free trial classes for children in NYC.

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