10 Futuristic Apps for iPhone and Android

If you would like to use your expensive smartphone for something really smart instead of just scrolling on some social network, take a look at 10 futuristic apps for iPhone and Android.

I don’t think that smartphone developers had the Facebook-, Twitter-, Instagram-, or similar addictions in mind when they worked the whole month to improve the hardware and provide the new upgrades to the smartphone users.

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Yes, it was cool at the beginning having a phone without keyboards, where you could make a magic moves with your fingers and open every app, type, and call by just touching your screen. Your smartphone probably had the better camera than your old phone and you were finally able to do more with it. Instead of buying multiple devices, you could just take your smartphone out of the pocket and have phone, camera, and computer in only one device.

Soon, the new apps popped up, but instead of making our job and life easier, they just made us completely waste our time by sitting around and always looking at our smartphones. Be honest, how many times did you go out for a drink or just to take a walk and managed to leave your phone aside? How many of you drank the whole cup of coffee with a friend without taking it in your hands at some point?

Since the smartphones and apps became such a trend among people of all age and gender, we started neglecting the true values. They stopped making new friends live, they started neglecting the old friends over the phones, parents started neglecting their children. The irony here is that most of the parents are using their smartphones to read about the best ways to raise their children, but while doing it, they are missing the big parts of their life and neglect their needs until they are done the reading. Here is the moment when the new problem occurs: children are like mirrors. They do exactly what you do and, therefore, even before they learn how to say their first word, they become obsessed with smartphones. If you have to give them phones, the catch is to find the apps that are suitable for them and trust me, there are some. I downloaded at least three for my boy.

But as far as the apps you are using every day are concerned, think again is it healthy to use that many social apps all the time? I understand that you are sometimes bored and that sometimes these apps are the only way that you can connect with some people, but we started overreacting with it in general. Instead of using our smartphones to gain more knowledge, we allowed our smartphones to be smarter than us and I don’t think that allowing mechanical devices to take our life over is the way of life we all want for us and new generations.

But if you must download and fill your smartphone memory with some app, at least take the ones that you will have most benefits of. To track those down, we compiled the list of 10 futuristic apps for iPhone and Android, so be free to check them out.

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