10 Good Excuses for Missing Class to Tell Your Parents

So you are planning to skip some lessons at school and you need some good excuses for missing class to tell your parents. All right, you are at the best place, as Insider Monkey have come up with several really good ones. Now we have selected ten of them for you.

At schools teachers report if someone missed for school that day, which is clear. If you do want to miss for some classes there are two options. At first you don’t say anyting to anybody, skip school that day, and later on you need a good reason why you didn’t go. The second option is you find out a good excuse tell your parents in advance and the next day you don’t go to school. The excuses, which Insider Monkey have investigated for you, are good for both options. Nevertheless I must tell you that truth is always the best and straightest way! If you work hard at school during the term, your parents will understand if sometimes you need a day off. Everybody needs a day off now and then. We, adults also like to stay at home for a day or two, when we feel extremely tired, and you, students aren’t exceptions, either. When I was a kid, my mother knew that I worked very hard at school, so when she saw that I was tired of school, she let me stay at home for a day or two. “It’s much better for all of us if you ask me” – she said ” as if you skipped school without saying so”.

Therefore I don’t encourage you to find out lies, you should be honest with your parents instead. But if you really need some good excuses, here’s this list of good excuses for missing class to tell your parents, in which we serve you with some simple and believable ones. If you decide to use one of these excuses you may need some acting ability as several of them needs to pretend to be ill.  But don’t forget something: your parents were children as well, so these excuses can be very familiar to them. Don’t think they have completely forgotten all of their naughty things they did before. What’s more some of these excuses are used by adults too, when they want to a have a day off.

That’s why I suggest being honest and telling the truth. Your parents are not your enemies, they will surely understand it. But now, without a further ado, let’s see what Insider Monkey have found for you! The good excuses are:


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10. Teacher didn’t show up

If you left home but you didn’t go to school, you can say that the teacher didn’t show up, but this is the excuse that can be revealed very easily.


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9. Forgot to check in

If you left for school, but you didn’t get to it, you can say that you forgot to check in, but to tell you truth it sounds rather miserable.


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8. “Girl” problems

This is an excuse that is only for girls. Every woman knows that in teenagerhood it can cause some very unpleasant symptoms, and everyone understands why you need to stay at home.


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7. Very tired due to insomnia

Insomnia can happen to anyone, as all of us have to cope with worries, or exhaustion. So it can be a very good reason to miss some classes at school.


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6. Stomach problems

Diarrhea. This is the word that somebody hears and doesn’t want to ask anything. It comes suddenly and unexpectedly.


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5. Unfinished homework

If your are a conscientious and good student, you can say to your parents that you had lots of homework and you couldn’t finish with all of them, therefore you need to stay at home, because you don’t want to get a bad grade.


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4. Forgot about the test

Your class will have an important and difficult test, but you have completely forgotten about it. It’s much better to miss this class, than getting a bad grade, isn’t it?


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3. Preparing for the test

This excuse appears to be a legit one, as you need to learn for a test that’s why you miss some classes. Your test will be in a few days’, so you need a little more time to prepare it well.


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2. Helping friend in trouble

You have a best friend and he/she gets into some kind of trouble. It’s absolutely normal that you rush to help, isn’t it? And what happens if you miss some classes? Nothing, right?


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1. Be honest

You may not have expected that this advice will get to the first place on our list of good excuses for missing class to tell your parents. Telling you the truth I am happy to read it here. Your parents are not your enemies, and I firmly believe that a parent should know every important thing about the children under all circumstances. They can only help you if they know about your plans. Honesty is always the best way, believe me!


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