10 Good Reasons for Taking a Leave of Absence from Work

Interested to know some good reasons for taking a leave of absence from work? Really? Then come along and read Insider Monkey’s latest article with us! I think everybody, but at least almost everybody feels the impulse to get some extra time to have a rest. I mean, you always do your best, meet deadlines, strive to be the best wife and husband, and so on….. but yet, one day when you get up you do need a secret day (or more) only to do whatever you want to. What do you desire to do?  Watch a movie at noon? Walk barefoot in the park while eating a huge ice-cream? Play computer games all day long? Whatever you wish, you feel the urgent impulse to get a good reason to be told your boss, and have a day off! If you already decided to enter this path – Insider Monkey can give you some great advice. We do hope your boss won’t read this compilation!

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three some good reasons for taking a leave of absence from work from their list.

The first one is Relief from Excessive Job Stress. If you work in a stressful environment and often stay overtime or bring work home, then you feel the need for a leave of absence quite often. You simply can’t go on doing your best if you are exhausted. If your employer values your position in the firm and your contribution, they will surely approve your leave because you will return refreshed and ready to take on more projects. The second reason should be Medical Procedure. If you are undergoing a medical procedure, you have the right to ask for a leave. The length of the leave will depend on the type of procedure and other factors but most employers will approve it. At last, but not least we are mentioning Personal Leave. A personal leave may include all kinds of personal or family related reasons why you need to take some time off work. While the employers are not required to approve it, plenty of them approve these requests.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 some good reasons for taking a leave of absence from work.

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