10 Hardest Beauty Pageant Questions and Answers

Beauty pageants are not just about being pretty but smart and able to think quick as well and these are 10 hardest beauty pageant questions and answers,

I remember the time when I was a kid obsessed with these beauty pageants. Each girl from my kindergarten had those plastic tiaras and we all played each time we met. Of course, miss universe was always the one that we came to.

Pixabay/Public Domain

But still, I never felt comfortable with this game since I knew that, even when we were at my place, I would never be wearing tiara since I was too fat. And I am not joking, I had 6 kilos more than I have now when I was 10 and it was, at the time, 15 kilos more than other girls from my class. This is why I never felt comfortable in my own skin and I exposed myself a lot after I got into the puberty and grew up instantly and, naturally, became thinner.

Still, I never wanted to apply for some beauty pageant. Not because I felt that I was not good enough but I never saw a point. I knew that I am still smart and great looking and I didn’t need any approval nor I wanted to make some career out of it. I once went to be in the audience and I couldn’t get it how those girls could be that dumb. And I am not exaggerating. They couldn’t think of anything to say and, after we all waited for 2 to 4 minutes for them to decide what to say, we discovered that, for the majority of them, the best thing would be to stay quiet for the rest of the competition. I mean, one girl was confused when they asked her who to thank. The stupidest question ever, but ok.

But, after you start with some serious career in this field, you need to know more than whether to thank your parents or your friends for supporting you. There are some historical and question related to culture that every girl should know. And being beautiful isn’t enough to become the Miss Universe.

So let’s play and practice a bit. Click on the 10 hardest beauty pageant questions and answers and try giving the answer before you read it. If you don’t guess, at least you learned something new.

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