10 Human Trafficking Facts In India: History, Causes, and Statistics

We already talked about human trafficking facts in the US and the world, but, since India is said to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world in this matter, let’s talk about 10 human trafficking facts in India: history, causes, and statistics.

Human trafficking is the biggest fear for people in the world, even worse than killing and raping. It is very easy to be done without anyone noticing, in the middle of a day, in the middle of the street. It is enough to walk on the street and pass by a truck or a van. The next second, you became a victim. And it becomes even worse every single day.

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The bigger issue is that the majority of people that became victims of a human trafficking became the ones unconciously, by their own will. Many pimps or human trafficking bosses just collect their prizes by posting some job adds where they promise good jobs somewhere abroad. Since the economic crisis is threatening to everyone, people don’t really think a lot and apply without checking the person they are going with before the trip. The next thing they know, they are put in some place far from their homes and sold to other people to become sex slaves in most cases. The groups that have the biggest risk of being kidnapped and used in this matter are women and children.

There is one more thing that can happen in this case and that’s the development of the Stockholm’s syndrome. The psychologists say that it happens because of the great fear that messes up people’s brains and they find the comfort in the thoughts that a person is doing it for their own good and that every exploitation is for their own sake. Treating this mental condition is very challenging but, luckily, possible.

According to the International Labor Organization, 20.9 million people are considered to have become victims of human trafficking. 70% is used for some labor, while 22% of them (around 4.5 million people) are used for sex labor. 55% of those 20.9 million people are women and young girls, while 26% are only children. This really is a bit expected because both these groups are the weakest and easiest to be used.

And the human trafficking is the issue in both developed and the Third world countries. Let’s now get the inside of the problem of human trafficking in India. To see all the details, click on 10 human trafficking facts in India: history, causes, and statistics.

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