10 Kids Coding Classes in NYC

Now we are going to read about kids coding classes in NYC. Insider Monkey’s article gives you a great review on these opportunities as usual. Overall, programmers make the world go round nowadays. Anything you do online is thanks to them, anything you do on your phone or tablet or computer, too. We have easy access to all kinds of different information with just a few clicks thanks to them. Entire work fields can only move forward thanks to this particular job. What would robots be without the software powering them? Or even our cars.

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In order to get the best classes, Insider Monkey has consulted the rich database at Class Curious. This site is always a great help if you want to search some excellent classes in any fields. Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three kids coding classes in NYC from their list.

The first one is CodeAdvantage, which caters to elementary and middle school kids. First and second graders can learn to use Kodu to build their own 3D video games, third graders can start learning to use Scratch, while fourth graders can advance to Minecraft Modding or 3D animations with Maya. From the sixth grade forward, kids can learn to use Python. The next class is The Pixel Academy. Dedicated to elementary and middle school-aged kids, The Pixel Academy will teach students about a wide-range of topics. The location offers a wide range of classes, including some that will teach your kids to design their own mobile apps, another that teaches them how to code by using their love for Minecraft to their advantage, or how to do models in 3D. Basically, they’ll be studying CAD, Unity, C+, Java, HTML, CSS, Lua and more. At last, but not least let’s check out Dazzling Discoveries. At summer camp, kids can learn to use 3D printers and design software for it, experiment with 3D printing, design and build computer games, program devices, and robots, learn Scratch and Python through game design, video animation, and app design. The camp costs $600 per week or $140 per day, although coding classes add $10 per day for those interested.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 kids coding classes in NYC.

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