10 Least Aerodynamic Cars Ever Made

If you love cars you may wonder what the least aerodynamic cars ever made are. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about this topic. We can hear the word “aerodynamic” many times, but actually what does it mean and how it is measured?

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The aerodynamic of a car is expressed by so-called drag coefficient value, or Cd in short. The drag force of a moving car is parallel with the airflow, so the drag coefficient of a car is observed and measured in the wind tunnel. Drag coefficient describes how smoothly a car passes the air while being driven, and it grows as the speed increases. So, the lower the Cd value is, the more aerodynamic a car is. Although the more precise expression of aerodynamics is obtained by taking in count also the frontal area of a car, which gives the total drag index, Cd is commonly solely used for ranking the aerodynamics of a car.

We have picked three cars from Insider Money’s list for now, and unfortunately my absolutely favorite car is on the list. It is Ford Ranger. So the three cars are: Volkswagen Beetle, Ford Ranger, and Citroën 2CV. Volkswagen Beetle’s Cd value is 0.48. Since the 30s Beetle remains one of the most famous cars, and also one of the best-selling. Beetle models of mentioned Cd value were produced in the period from 1959-1979. Due to its air cooled engine, and light weight, economic reasons and good advertisement these cars became very popular throughout the world. Ford Ranger’s Cd value is 0.49. It belongs to the second generation of Ranger series. These models got longer wheelbase and truck at the expense of aerodynamics. However, it is a light affordable pickup truck with the strong engine, but very bad fuel economy. At last but not least we mention Citroën 2CV, its Cd value is 0.51. It was manufactured from 1948 to 1990, and was classified as a classic. It was planned to be cheap to produce and economical to sustain. Despite not having aerodynamically look over 9 nine million 2CVs were sold during the time of its production.

Vruummm, vrummmm, vruuummm, do not hesitate but keep reading Insider Monkey’s article about the least aerodynamic cars ever made. You will surely enjoy this article!

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