10 Least Xenophobic Countries in the World

Have you ever thought about xenophobia and the least xenophobic countries in the world?

Before we go, we need to learn that there is a difference between xenophobia and racism. Xenophobia is dislike or a fear of something that is unknown to a person. It has nothing to do with the race, but with the difference in general. On the other hand, racism is having personal bad thoughts about people different race and feeling superior towards them.


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A man would say that we completely evolved during these many millennia, but the truth is a bit different. Not just that we still disagree with some new ways of life, but we even started disapproving some things that are among us for centuries and, for a while, those were completely normal things.

For example, being gay wasn’t the taboo topic since ever. Some of our greatest writers and influencers were out of the closet for their whole life and there were highly accepted by the society. And not just them. Each person in the world that proclaimed that they are attracted to their own gender, rather than the opposite one, was treated like every other member of the community. The more important thing to others was whether that person was good or not. Whether the person was polite or not.

But no. Nowadays, we decided that there are certain criteria that we need to live by and that everyone living outside of them is wrong. We decided that everyone needs to get married as soon as they finish college, to get children two years later, have jobs, and teach their children to do the same. Of course, there are people that have a bit more modern thinking. Some of them realize that they are not capable of, for example, raising children. And it is their right to feel that way. But, no. The society feels that it has rights to judge them for being who they are and not letting anyone change their opinion. But if you look closer, you realize that those people are not just thinking about themselves, although it is one of their biggest reason for not having children. They also don’t want to ruin someone’s life by giving them life and not being able to take care of them or raise them properly and provide them all the love and care they need. So, instead of being pushed to have children and act like they hate them, they decide to be happy.

But I got a bit far from the topic. So, without any further ado, here are 10 least xenophobic countries in the world.

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