10 Longest Highways In The World

For all of you who like open roads, here are 10 longest highways in the world.

In my personal opinion, a man who invented highways is a genius. First of all, highways connect all the countries and the roads in the world and second, the speed limit is a lot higher than on the classic roads, which means that you can arrive at the destination a lot quicker.


Pixabay/Public Domain

Flying is still the quickest way to travel and it isn’t expensive if you travel alone. Actually, for one traveler it is rather cheaper to get to the plane and buy one ticket than spending a lot more money on a fuel for a car, especially if he/she needs to go to some far away country. But, when someone has a companion to travel with, flying with a plane isn’t such a cheap idea, especially when you are traveling with your whole family. In this case, gas or fuel is more cheaper than booking 4, 5 tickets for a trip.

On the other hand, there are people who like to sit in their car alone, go out on a highway and just drive. It is a lot safer than riding on sideway roads or through some town because there are only a few rules to follow and that’s all. There is a bigger risk in places that are more crowded.

Some highways only connect cities in certain countries. But others are connecting whole countries. So now, we have highways that connect 2 to 3 countries, but also the Pan American highway that connects 21 countries, which is almost all countries in North and South America, so there is no wonder why it took more than a decade to be finished. Now, the length of this highway is 29,825 miles or 48,000 kilometers. Isn’t it extraordinary?

Of course, the speed limit is also something that you need to pay attention to. That limit is not set for no reason at all. It is for both yours and other driver’s safety. And just because you had no accidents so far, it doesn’t make it ok to test your car like that. Imagine that every driver did it. How would it end? Not well, obviously.

But we are not here today to talk about careless drivers, although it is a very important topic. We are here to admire people’s effort and innovation and to find out more about 10 longest highways in the world.

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