10 Most Advanced Countries in Asia

When we say Asia, we always think of countries like either Iraq, where the soldiers are still going back and forward or countries like Japan and China that are one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. But they are not the only countries that Asia should be proud of since Insider Monkey’s team managed to find not 2 but 10 most advanced countries in Asia.

But before we go on, we have to determine what people think when they say that some country is advanced. Is it the technological development, the architectural achievements, the economic status, or the educational level, the healthcare in general? Well, when you think of it, all of these says much about the country you are thinking about so all of that should be taken into consideration while choosing the right countries for the list like this one. The website that provides the most important information about each country in the world which is why it was taken as the main source for the list is the Human Development Reports that published the Human Development Index back in 2016. Even though the data that was published was the result of the research of the 2015th year, it is still the most reliable source of information of all.

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When you enter the list eventually, you will see that there are 4 main things included: the international rank for each country individually, the gross national income (GNI), the average life expectancy, and the expected years of schooling. You should also know that, the higher the HDI is, the more developed economy of the country is and that there are immediately greater prospects in the terms of advancement.

If you thought that China and Japan were wrestling for the first place on our list, you were wrong. Yes, Japan made it to the international ranking list as 17th with the HDI 0.903, has the life expectancy of 83.7, the average years of schooling 12.5, and Its GNI is $37,268, and China was even better than that with the HDI of 0.917 that took it to the 12th place on the international list of the most advanced countries in the world. And even though the life expectancy in China is 84.2, the years of schooling 11.6, and the GNI is $54,265, they took second and the third place. The country that took the lead at this one is Singapore that is over their heads right now. Although China’s and Japan’s scores are pretty high, Singapore beat them on the international list with taking the 5th place with the HDI of 0.925. although it is weaker in the term of the life expectancy than both China and Japan, the HDI and the GNI, which is, according to our source, $78,162 made Singapore more advanced than any other Asian country.

To see the full list, click on 10 most advanced countries in Asia.

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