10 Most Advanced Countries in Education

Children are our treasure. New generations are our future. By investing in them, we invest in a better life for us and them as well. We have to provide them love, food on the table, clothes, and education. The first three things are up to us and only us, but as far as the education, the government has some influence. So what are 10 most advanced countries in education?

To find out the answer to this question, first, we need to realize what people mean when they say it. It doesn’t mean collecting teachers who have the most knowledge or had the best grades in college. First of all, it means hiring teachers who have the great knowledge and wants and knows how to share it with the class. The teacher that knows how to motivate the students. The teacher that is creative enough to get the subject closer to the students in the way that they would understand it the best.

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The advanced education doesn’t only mean producing as many scientists and technologists as they can that will memorize all the scales and equations in a day. It means being able to produce as many young, innovative, creative, open-minded people as they can.

Just because some nations are industrially or technologically developed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their educational system is somehow highly ranked as well. For example, the US doesn’t have a quality education system at all. On the other hand, Scandinavian countries, that are not as developed as the US, have the outstanding results when it comes to their education system.

To find out which country has the best educational system in general, several things had to be taken into consideration. First of all, when you talk about education, you have to keep in mind that there are primary, elementary, high school, and college education. For example, if we would talk only about the college education, the US would be on top. But since there are three more factors in this parameter, the US seems to be left out a bit.

Very important components that every student has to win over before they finish school are science, reading, and education. This is why there are PISA tests for 15-year-olds that give the same test to every student from every different country. Based on the results, countries can be ranked.

Another thing that was involved in making the list were the student-teacher ratios, quality and the number of academic research, and the international outlook. All of this information was found on World Economic Forum rankings, Education Index, and by taking the look into PISA tests results. To see the final list, check out 10 most advanced countries in education.

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