10 Most Advanced Countries in Europe

Do you care to know what made these 10 most advanced countries in Europe so strong and innovative? Then stick with me because I have the answer to this question.

Europe is a continent that opens a lot of doors to everyone. Although Europeans were very primitive until the 20th century and were using more force than the brain to achieve their goals, the situation has changed a lot and now, European countries are countries with the most potential in the world.

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It bred many scientists and developed great institution in every field. As you might already know, even though Einstein lived in the US long period of time, his origins were in German, where he grew up and got the education that leads him to discoveries that brought them at the top of the list of the smartest and most innovative people in the whole world. And how do you read this article? Do you know that neither you or i would be able to get on with it if there wasn’t a European scientist Nikola Tesla? He was born in Balkan, but since he was born in Yugoslavia, that later fall apart, there are still big fights between Serbia and Croatia whose citizen was he. But he also went to America in search for a better life and helped the humanity literally stop living in the dark. As you can see, Europe was never that far behind. The only problem is that there are still some unknown facts about it that only people living there are aware of.

But how to determine how advanced some country is? The best parameters that can be used for this kind of research are the gross national income (GNI), the life expectancy, and the average years of schooling. The Human Development Index (HDI) is the official online platform where you can find this kind of information for each country in the world. Besides collecting information, the Human Development Index Report from 2016 also provides the international ranking list, as well as the statistics in Human Security, Health Outcomes, Gender Development and Gender Inequality Index, Status of fundamental human rights treaties et cetera.

So let’s see which country came to the list by clicking on the 10 most advanced countries in Europe.

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