10 Most Advanced Countries in Robotics

We will be taken over by robots! Don’t believe me? In that case, look what 10 most advanced countries in robotics did so far!

Have you ever watched the Serbian movie ‘’Edit and I’’? It is a great piece that was made as a cartoon but with the more serious topic. It is set in the Belgrade and it is about a young college girl who lives in the world of technology. But not the world of technology as we do. I mean, smartphones, laptops, stereos. I mean the real technology world.


Pixabay/Public Domain

Her pets are robots. Everywhere she goes, there are robots. They are her servants and they are her friends. Sure, she has a human boyfriend and human friends as well, but everything around them is strictly related to technology. I mean, the girl gets into her room, pushes the button, and her room becomes the beach! Wouldn’t that be great? Of course, she didn’t go there. She was still in her room but the impression was phenomenal.

But the movie isn’t just about the robotic servant and I didn’t mention it because of it. I mentioned it because of one more important thing and that’s the explanation about how this technology might control our lives one day. As a student, Edit had the problem with the concentration so she went to the local dealer that, in our age give pills for improving the concentration but they can also be found in every pharmacy in the world, in this case, installs the chip that is taken out after some time. But just before Edit had her chip removed, it became alive. It developed its own skeleton inside her body, it had its own character that could only be seen by her, he had his voice, he had its thoughts. I am saying ‘He’ because it was male. But you already assumed it.

Nevertheless, the chip started killing her after a while. It took over her body and it started taking over everything, even her soul. And not just that. It started literally killing her. But, since it is a cartoon, no one should die. It isn’t the Lion King or Bambi. Everyone should be happy, except for the bad guys, of course. In the end, the chip’s skeleton was rejected, everything was great, and they all lived happily ever after.

So how close we are to being Edit? Check out 10 most advanced countries in robotics and see for yourself.

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