10 Most Advanced Technologies in the World Today

Technology became the big part of our life that is constantly advancing, which makes you think about the 10 most advanced technologies in the world today that make our life easier in any sense.

It started out by just inventing the wheel and look how far it came. People even managed to send other people to the Moon!
I am sometimes intimidated by all of the devices that are around my house because, while the technology is evolving and becoming able to give me any answer that I need, I feel like, at the same time, I am left far behind. Since I am getting all answers by just typing keywords in my smartphone’s browser, I don’t feel the need to improve and wide up my knowledge, which is why I am sometimes so depended on it.

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I am especially afraid when it comes to my kid’s education. If he can do everything that I had to learn for several years in school by just a few clicks, would he be able to do something on his own, or he will just become one of the Internet addicts that has nothing to say on his own? What if he doesn’t become self-aware enough to use the Internet just as his guide and help and brainstorm things on his own? Let’s be real, nowadays everyone has smartphone and PC, so how could I forbid him to use it and own it? I mean, I use my computer to make money and study in the same time, so how can I explain to him that technology isn’t everything in life?

Maybe I am still stuck in 2000th Maybe today technology IS everything? But, I have to be realistic and confess that technology makes our life easier in so many different ways. Whether it is just improving the computer mouse so it could have 10 options, although it initially had 2, or inventing something never imaginable before, it saves us so many time and sources to finish many things. Raise your hand if you are younger than 60 and use neither smartphone nor computer! If you are reading this post, I guess you didn’t. If you did, put it down. There is no point in lying to yourself and I, personally, don’t care.

Besides smartphones and computers, do you think that some other technological innovation is useful? Today, we have self-driving cars that have enough sensors so you can just sleep in your seat until you arrive at your destination. We have robots that do everything instead of us including house chores and even surgeries. We even have technology labs that can treat you or even change your whole gene construction. With the last one, I assume that in less than hundred years, the pharmaceutical industry will fall apart because no one will ever use medications, which is the good thing, right? Except for the people working in the pharmaceutical industry, of course.

If you want to see how much the technology has advanced and got involved in human life, take a look at 10 most advanced technologies in the world today!

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